Omega Scanner


P & O Services, Inc. is at the forefront of applying new technology to help our patients not only survive, but thrive in their lives with their new prosthesis or orthosis.Our recent investment in the OMEGA® Scanner, one of the leading CAD solutions in the world, further highlights P&O Services Inc.’s commitment to bringing the latest technology in the field to the patients that we serve.The OMEGA Scanner enables prosthetists to capture an amputee’s limb shape with an amazing level of accuracy,modify the shape to create a successfully fitting socket,and then fabricate the socket more quickly for the patient. Practitioners can also create custom-designed socket interfaces using this digital technology to greatly reduce the wear and tear that amputees commonly experience on their residual limbs. Orthotists can more accurately and quickly design a mold without messy casting materials for custom orthotics (AFOs, LSOs, etc.).

  • Accurate:

    With 0.5 mm resolution, you can capture every bump and contour for better fitting custom devices.

  • Fast:

    Obtain design-ready scans for all types of prosthetic and orthotic devices in less than five minutes.

  • Safe and reliable:

    Uses a safe, high quality blue light projector and single camera to capture the 3D image.

  • A permanent record:

    The detailed 3D patient shape can be electronically stored indefinitely and referred to for reimbursement justification and device replacement or repair.

  • Unaffected by nearby metal objects:

    Scan your patient in a bed or wheelchair.

  • Real-time feedback:

    the 3D shape emerges on screen as you scan.