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At P & O Services, we carry all the reputable brands in the world of Prosthetic Products. Below are few of the popular products that our patients have used extensively over the years. If you do not see the Prosthetic Product below please contact us, we are more than likely to have them.

Freedom Kinterra


Extraordinarily Normal
The Kinterra Foot/Ankle System combines hydraulics and carbon fiber technology to provide low to moderate impact K3 ambulators an exceptionally normal walking gait – regardless of surface angle or speed. The results are rock solid stability and the confidence for users to choose a new path.


Power Knee


POWER KNEE, the only motor powered knee joint, provides active motion and superior powered stance stability to replace lost muscle function, enabling users to go further.
POWER KNEE provides active motion and superior powered stance stability to replace lost muscle function, enabling users to go further.
Delivering powered extension when standing up, controlled resistance when descending, and active flexion and extension during walking, POWER KNEE facilitates symmetrical weight distribution and natural gait.
High active users as well as users with higher functional loss testify that POWER KNEE restores their endurance, allowing them to go farther.
POWER KNEE has been demonstrated to significantly reduce rehabilitation time for new transfemoral amputees.
The PowerLogic Workbench software enables prosthetists and physical therapists to give patients visual feedback during training as well as to log and report on user performance and prosthetic use for better reimbursement documentation.


Symbionic Leg


Featuring the latest advances in Bionic Technology by Össur, SYMBIONIC LEG 3 is the next generation of integrated prosthesis that combines a microprocessor knee and powered microprocessor ankle with proactive ankle flexion. SYMBIONIC LEG 3 was designed to enable users to experience greater safety, symmetry and confidence when walking, without needing to adapt their walking style or otherwise compensate for their prosthesis.
Key features

Designed to enhance user’s safety through powered toe lift and stumble recovery, which can help reduce the risk of trips and falls.
Enabling consistent ground clearance allows the prosthetist to better match the user’s native limb length. Combined with easier swing initiation, SYMBIONIC LEG 3 encourages greater symmetry while walking and helps restore a more natural gait.
With its unique intelligent terrain adaptation capabilities, the SYMBIONIC LEG also can help enhance users’ confidence, by providing stability while walking on such everyday surfaces as grass, slopes, or uneven ground. This enables the user to walk more easily without having to literally watch their every step.
Extension lock mechanism, to lock the knee in full extension and increase safety and comfort under specific circumstances.

SYMBIONIC LEG 3 now features a more powerful knee actuator and new kinematic sensor for better stability, increased support across a wider range of stance flexion, and faster, more consistent swing extension.



Propio Foot


PROPRIO FOOT is an adaptive prosthetic device for low to moderately active below-knee amputees that mimics natural foot motion. Motor-powered ankle motion increases ground clearance and reduces the risk of tripping and falling. This allows users to traverse different kinds of terrain in a natural and secure way.
Key features

Increases ground clearance, reduces the risk of trips and falls and enhances safety and gait quality.
Enables users to focus on their surroundings, instead of the walking terrain, offering a high degree of ground compliance, on all kinds of surfaces.
Reduces strain on knees, hips and back.
Enhances stability, efficiency and comfort on inclines, declines and stairs.
Maintains symmetry and alignment while changing shoes.


Fillauer Raize


Features & Benefits
• Microprocessor controlled hydraulic ankle/composite foot system
• Adjustable heel height and lock via control pod or remote fob
• Adjustable plantar/dorsiflexion range and resistance via control pod or remote fob
• Terrain accommodation mode aids gait on inclines and declines
• Simulates natural ankle movement and reduces shock
• Remote ankle lock for driving and donning shoes and socks
• Intuitive computer interface for initial setup by prosthetist

The Raize is a unique microprocessor ankle/foot system in a low profile, lightweight design. Its plantar/dorsi-flexion range reduces damaging forces on the residual limb and greatly enhances stability on slopes and slippery surfaces. By simply pressing a button the wearer can control rollover resistance, lock or unlock the ankle, and adjust the heel height as needed.


Otto Bock CLeg


Dependability you can count onC-Leg continues the industry-leading tradition of improving outcomes for more than 60,000 fittings worldwide. With studies citing increased stability and reduced falls*, C-Leg is weatherproof, can be controlled with the Android Cockpit app, and makes walking backward easier. Whether on sidewalk steps or dodging subway crowds, C-Leg helps transform the way you walk.


Freedom Plie 3


Stronger. Smarter. Submersible
Stronger construction makes the new Plié 3 Microprocessor Controlled (MPC) Knee both submersible and more rugged than ever. Yet, it’s still the fastest MPC knee, responding 10 to 20 times more rapidly than other MPC knees. With the most responsive stumble and fall protection, users can instinctively move at their own pace in any direction…even if it’s taking small short steps or pivoting in confined spaces. And with a more streamlined, intuitive set up, the Plié 3 MPC Knee makes it even easier for prosthetists to help patients expand their freedom.




Shrinkers are often utilized in the post-operative phase to maintain swelling in the limb and prepare the limb for use with a prosthesis. This is done by shaping the limb appropriately and desensitizing the limb to ready it for the new pressures that it will experience within a prosthetic socket.


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