I love the fact that you listen to the patient as well as the doctor. The pain I had was under control within 48 hours. I love the way my foot and leg feel with the AFO on. God bless the whole P & O staff always. Thanks

Joy Francis, Patient

This company does beautiful work. You are truly the best! Our Dad really likes the brace. Thank You

De Villes Family, Patient

Zia ur Rahman came to me in St John’s hospital and let me know that he would be glad to be my orthotist/Prosthetist , since then he has been of great help to me. He has kept me informed of every step I have needed to take. I have been well supplied with compression socks, liner socks, liner. I have had no trouble with my temporary prosthesis/foot and he has informed me of every step that I will take in acquiring a permanent replacement foot. He has set up timely appointments whenever I have called. My doctors have been called and all the paperwork has been taken care of by his office. He even obtain diabetic shoes for me when my medical supplier was not doing so in a timely manner. He is friendly, informative and handles all issues rapidly. His office has been nothing but helpful and like Zia are friendly, informative and handle everything speedily. I cannot imagine a better supplier than P & O Services, Inc.

Michael Hall, BKA Amputee

All the time that I have been with P & O Services Inc. they have gone overboard in all the things that they have done for me. I hope other services will be as good as they have been. This has been the best for me. Thank you so much!

Sandie G., Patient

As a rehab director I look for dependability, timeliness, and good communication from a prosthetics company.We have exclusively used P&O Services for all of our prosthetics and orthotics. Zia Rahman is an excellent prosthetist. Zia is always professional and reliable. We are always pleased with the outcomes provided by P&O Services.

Debbie Bellovary, Westland Nursing and Rehab Center